Custom Projects

For 43 Years, we have provided our customers with a variety of brass fittings, raw brass material, and semi-custom fabricated goods. We specalize in brass footrails, handrails, drink displays, or any misc. brass related projects; such as ornamental staircases! To better work with us, we require our customers to provide architectural drawings, finish samples or inspiration images, and deadline dates.

With this information, we can accurately provide you with a formal quote, lead times, and shop drawings for approval. We look forward to working with you on your custom project!

Custom Foot Rails & Handrails

  • One of the most popular custom products we offer are brass foot rails and handrails.
  • We can provide in-house cutting, CNC tube rolling, and even pre-assembly preparation for easy installation.
  • We offer a variety of tubing thickness, from 1", 1-1/2", to 2" and many different mounting styles for both foot and handrails.
  • We also can apply custom finishes; like mirrored polish, brushed, unlacquered, light and dark antiqued, and much more upon request!
  • Send us a drawing of your project, inspiration images, and anything that can help us pricing your foot rail.
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Custom Drink Displays

Whether it's custom brass shelving or wine support brackets, brass looks great in a bar or restaurant setting. We've fabricated countless styles and support systems over the years, so whatever your design or project entails, we're up for the challenge! We offer complimentary value engineering services and can also provide structurally engineered drawings when required.

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Misc. Custom Projects

We've worked on everything from half-million dollar brass staircases to custom brass bottle openers, and everything in between. No matter the project or level of difficulty, if it's brass, we want to help you from design to delivery. We strongly recommend that the design of your project has been established before contacting us as we do not come to site for measurements and we charge customers for design time.

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