At Classic Brass Works, we have a wide array of in-house finishing equipment and skilled finishers who can apply any number of custom patina's, polishes, and every brass finish imaginable to standard fittings, raw material, or custom fabricated projects. Below is a list of our most requested finishes, but there is an endless combination of shades and grain structures that we are able to provide customers upon request.

Brushed / Matte Brass

Brushed brass, often called matte or satin brass, is a very popular finish with designers and architects. To create this finish, we take raw brass sheets and put them through our polishing equipment. Once polished, these sheets begin to tarnish (turn yellow), so often we see our customers requesting clear coats to be applied on top of the finish. This is where we can apply matte, semi-gloss, or high gloss sheens and really make the material stand out.

Mirror Polished Brass

Mirror polished brass is one of the most common finishes we see in today’s construction market. Although, it is hard to see the reflectivity in the adjacent image, mirror polished brass is just that, a mirror! All CBW fittings are stocked in mirror finish. We are also able to apply this finish to any semi or custom fabricated items.

Medium Antiqued DA Brass

Medium antiqued DA brass is a type of finish that is created when an orbital or non-directional sander is applied to brass prior to antiquing. Once the material is properly sanded, the finishing solution is applied to the sheet and rubbed into the material at random using a Scotch-Brite pad. The chemicals, combined with the manual sanding results in an “alive” finish which most designers seek out when the finish product should look like aged brass.

Dark Antiqued DA Brass

Dark antiqued DA brass is identical to the Medium antiqued DA brass finish, but this finish requires multiple layers of finishing solution to be applied and a longer time in the pre-treatment tank. This finish is sought after and often used with a wax finish to create a very alive finish on brass that’s being interacted with. This finish is very dark, almost black, but can look very nice on items like door pulls, handrails, or footrails.

Linear Medium Antiqued Brass

Linear medium antiqued brass is another very popular finish in today’s construction world. We often see this finish on everything from bar tops to range hood cladding, and everything in between. This finished is applied to a pre-brushed brass sheet, and then the finishing solution is applied and brushed into the brass sheet. This is a finish with varying shades from light to dark, and we are always happy to provide finish samples to active projects so clients can select their desired shade of finish.

Oil Rubbed Bronze (Dark)

Oil rubbed bronze is very similar to our dark antique DA finish in the sense that designers and architects love this finish as an alive or exposed finish. This finish is very close to a “black” finish that has a slight tint of gold or brass in the background that is subtle, but very elegant when used in the right way. While this is a unique and difficult finish to create, our head finisher has twenty years’ experience of creating varying shades of this high-end finish.