Side Outlet Tee 135 Degree (2'')

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Brass Ball Angle 135 Degree (2")

Product SKU: M-BC8062

If your bar features angles, this ball angle pipe fitting provides ultimate control to match your bar rail with any 135° angles in the shape of your bar.

Crafted from shiny polished brass, this angle fitting offers easy control over your bar rail, allowing for a complete look around any 135° angle. Simply slide 2-inch outside diameter polished brass tubing into either of the openings and enjoy the stylish functionality. The fitting includes mounting screws and set screws for easy attachment.

For effortlessly matching the 135-degree turns of your 2" OD bar foot rails or handrails, this elbow fitting enables you to do so with a touch of shiny style. Quickly reach the corners of your bar with this user-friendly elbow fitting.

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