Brass Ball Elbow (1.5'')

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Brass Ball Elbow (1.5")

Product SKU: M-BC93315

Are you looking to align your bar at a specific angle? This ball elbow pipe fitting provides complete control, allowing you to seamlessly match your bar rail to any 90° angles in your bar's layout.

Crafted from gleaming polished brass, this elbow fitting offers effortless control over your bar rail, ensuring a uniform appearance around any 90° turn. Simply insert 1.5-inch outside diameter polished brass tubing into either opening and enjoy both style and functionality. Mounting screws and set screws are included for easy installation.

Whether you're working on your 1.5" OD bar foot rails or handrails and need to match 90-degree turns, this elbow fitting does so with a touch of elegance. Easily reach the corners of your bar with this user-friendly fitting.

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