Brass Bar Bracket (2")

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Brass Bar Bracket (2")

Product SKU: M-BC9002

For those with access to the back of their bar, bar mount brackets are a stylish and convenient choice. They're great for those who want to avoid drilling holes in their floors and prefer a clear space without tripping hazards. These brackets also make cleaning under your foot rail easy.

This brass bar mount bracket matches your two-inch Polished Brass bar rail tubing. You can customize the height of your bar rail with these brackets, making them suitable for higher installations. Make sure to measure and place the brackets correctly for proper support, with one at each end of the tubing and an additional one for every 4-foot section.

These brackets attach to the bar's face using three screws and a threaded bolt from behind the bar, creating a modern, floating look for your metal bar rail tubing. The threaded bolt provides the necessary support to secure your foot rail.

For guidance on the best bracket for your bar project, consult our bar foot rail brackets guide for more information.

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