Brass Combination Bracket (1-1/2")

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Brass Combination Bracket (1-1/2")

Product SKU: M-BC90215

Our combination brackets are a top choice due to their timeless design and simple installation. These brackets effectively distribute the weight between the bar-mounted and floor supports, ensuring full support for your bar rail.

Crafted from polished brass, this combination bracket is an exact match for your Brushed Brass 1.5-inch outside diameter bar rail tubing. It positions itself approximately 6 inches off the floor (measured from the floor to the center of the tubing area) and 6 to 7 inches away from the facing of the bar. Featuring two contact points, this double-footed bar rail bracket combines strength and an elegant appearance. To ensure proper support, bar brackets should be placed at each end of the tubing and an additional one for every 4-foot length.

The narrower diameter of this 1.5-inch rail component allows for versatility in use, functioning well as a handrail bracket in addition to supporting foot rails.

Installation of combination brackets involves mounting them onto the facing of the bar, with the bracket's base resting on the floor. This is an ideal solution for those who prefer brackets that rest on the floor without requiring surface drilling.

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