Brass Flat Center Post (1-1/2")

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Brass Flat Center Post (1-1/2")

Product SKU: M-BC94115


This bracket makes it easy to set up foot rails, armrests, or handrails. It has a single foot for mounting on the floor, wall, or bar-facing surface, and it matches two-inch Polished Brass bar rail tubing. To install, use an electric screwdriver with the set screw and mounting screws.

We also offer matching brass end caps for the footrests. After installation, the bar foot rail is about 4.5" from the floor to the tubing's center, perfect for flush settings.

These brackets have only one contact point, so place one at each end of the tubing and one for every 4-foot section. Proper installation ensures durability, even with heavy use. If you're unsure which bracket to choose, check our bar foot rail brackets guide for help.


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