Brass Flat End Cap (1")

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Brass Flat End Cap (1")

Product SKU: M-BC9101

Ensure a polished finish for your bar footrest by using flush bar rail pipe end caps. These caps seamlessly integrate into your bar setup, providing a refined appearance and safeguarding guests from potential injuries like scratches, ankle bumps, or clothing snags on exposed tubing edges.

The stainless-steel finish of the flush flat end cap precisely complements your Brushed Stainless Steel 1-inch outside diameter bar rail tubing, available in standard, ribbed, or diamond scale designs. Installation is straightforward as the metal end caps effortlessly slide into the tubing. Refer to our guide for easy instructions on attaching bar foot rail end caps. Designed to fit into tight spaces, these end caps add minimal length to the bar rail's end.

With a narrow 1-inch diameter, this rail component is versatile, suitable for both handrail and foot rail end caps.

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