Brass Floor Bracket (1-1/2")

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Brass Floor Bracket (1-1/2") 

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Just as your body needs a solid foundation, your bar foot rail benefits from robust support. Floor mount bar rail brackets provide a secure way to attach your foot rail to the floor, using two supports connected to the surface below. This option is ideal if you prefer not to drill into your bar's front or if it can't bear the weight of your foot rail.

Crafted from brushed brass, this floor-mounted bracket perfectly complements your two-inch Brushed Brass bar rail tubing. When installed correctly, the bar rail will be positioned 5.5"-6" above the floor. With its double-footed design, this bracket ensures durability, even under heavy use. For proper support, place brackets at both ends of the tubing and add one for every 4-foot section, carefully measuring for precise screw placement.

Floor-mounted brackets provide flexibility in positioning your bar rail, allowing you to decide the distance between your foot rail and the bar. They can also be adjusted to lean toward or away from the bar, offering robust support in either direction.

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