Brass Modern Combination Bracket (2")

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Brass Modern Combination Bracket (2")


Product SKU: M-BC9032

Our 90-degree brackets offer a secure attachment to both the face of your bar (or wall) and the floor, providing extra stability. Featuring a straightforward 7" x 7" design, these bar foot rail brackets are designed for easy measuring and placement during installation.

Crafted from brass, these brackets sit precisely 5.89" from the floor to the center of the tubing and 5.89" from the facing of the bar to the center of the tubing. With two contact points, this double-footed bar rail bracket combines a robust build with a practical design. For optimal support, it's recommended to place bar rail brackets at each end of the tubing and add one for every 4-foot increment.

The angular design of this bracket enhances the appearance of your foot rail, while the polished brass finish ensures a precise match with your two-inch outside diameter Polished Brass bar rail tubing.

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